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Center of Focus- Round 2

March 4, 2024


Focus on the Fabulous


Mrs. Dianna Valenzuela, our amazing Food Services Director, is recognizing a member of her team each month, who is working hard and going above and beyond with responsibilities.  This past month Maria Aguilar was selected as the Employee of the Month!  We all know what an amazing team we have in the cafeteria.  Congratulations to Maria for going the extra mile to make amazing meals for students and staff!


The Winners!! You're all winners.... but this team did win the competition... Made it out in 12:05 minutes! Record time!

As far as I know…everyone made it out of the Escape Room during our PD day… or did they?  This was a great addition to our day and gave staff the time to team build and have some fun along the way!  Thanks to Christy for getting this set up!  I think this will be something we need to continue in the future.  What a great group of Center Vikings! 

I'm glad these ladies made it out... they were a little nervous! They did it in a little over 15 minutes.. not bad!

Team work makes the Dream work!

What a great bunch of Vikings!!!

Calendar Dates

Monday, March 4th- Mid-Term Progress Grades Due, CHS Baseball and Track practices


Tuesday, March 5th- State Inspection Secondary Classrooms, Special SAC Session, CDE Language Partnership Planning Meeting,

  These ladies worked well together! #VikingStrong

Wednesday, March 6th- Cool Speak Leadership Retreat, Superintendent PLC, Parent Teacher Conferences, CHS Home Visits


Thursday, March 7th- Viking Café Chips and Salsa tasting- Cool Speak Leadership Retreat, Parent Teacher Conferences, District Ownership Celebration


Friday, March 8th- CSFP Advisory Meeting




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