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Center of Focus

April 27, 2024

Focus on the Fabulous


Center School District’s Ownership Plan has prioritized specific areas of focus that guide our ongoing district improvement efforts.  Focus area #2 is our work on Post-Secondary and Workforce Readiness.  The district is dedicated to helping students develop the necessary skills to ensure they can pursue post-secondary options when they graduate and to ascertain they can be productive members of society.  These skills are articulated in our Viking Graduate Profile.  The district implements processes for students to explore careers and create plans for pathways to graduation and beyond.  Part of that work is the Junior Capstone Project.  This past weekend two groups of students hosted their community Capstone events. 

The Spirit of Sports Basketball Tournament was held on Friday and the 3rd annual C-Town car show was held on Saturday!  Capstone projects are part of junior students’ experience that involve organizing and coordinating projects intended to support individuals or organizations.  These projects extend outside of the classroom and teach students life skills that prepare them for success outside of high school.  Other capstones include O and M detailing, town cleanup, student leadership opportunities, fundraisers, charity events, and community support projects.  Thanks to Kindra Rounds, our PWR teacher, for dedicating so much of her time, energy, and resources to helping our students succeed with these projects! 

Some of our seniors also attended orientation at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs this weekend. Our students are getting ready for the next chapter in their lives, and we are excited to continue to see all the amazing things our Vikings are doing!


High schoolers aren’t the only students doing amazing things.  Kindergarten students in Mariah Villagomez’s class have also been doing some real-world learning.  Students in her class are studying the differences between living and non-living.  Students are comparing concepts like rocks, plants, trees, and objects.  The students have learned about the life cycle of plants and what they need to grow and survive.  Students planted beans 4 weeks ago, and every week, the students observed, drew, and wrote updates on their plants.   Our youngest Vikings had great learning experiences while investigating and studying throughout this engaging lesson! 


How awesome are our teachers providing our students with such amazing learning experiences? 




Students who have demonstrated True Blue Viking characteristics were rewarded with a trip to the STEM day at the Rockies. Kids with exceptional attendance, behavior, and grades throughout the year could enjoy a fun day at the ballpark! Way to go Vikings! Work hard- play hard!

Our CHS baseball team celebrated a win on the road this weekend in Custer County.  The final score of the first game was 9-2.  The team was off to a great start in the second game, but true to Colorado weather, a snowstorm set in, and the game was called.  The second game will be rescheduled.  The boys will play Sierra Grande and Antonito at home on Tuesday!  Let’s cheer them on to victory!  The T & F team competed at the High Altitude Challenge on Saturday. 


We wrapped up our state testing this past week.  Thanks to everybody, especially Adele and Chris, for pitching in to get us to the finish line.  Staff, students, and the community enjoyed Fuel by Blessed on Thursday!  This was a special treat set up by Mrs. Stilly as part of our R & R efforts! 


Our PICS team hosted the annual Kermes celebration on Saturday! The community was invited to the fun cultural celebration, including food and festivities. It was a fantastic way to engage with the community. Thanks to Dalia Molina, Brisa Macias, Lucian Miranda, Anita Rodriguez, and everyone else who helped to make the event successful.

I had the opportunity to share about our Family, School, and Community Partnership work during the Rocky Mountain Engagement webinar on Tuesday afternoon.  Our district has been recognized because of all the great things we do for a district our size.  People are taking notice, and it’s because of the incredible team we have!  Each one of us is contributing to the cause and moving forward with our ownership efforts! 


Fast Forward


Calendar Dates   

Monday, April 29th- EOY Evaluations, Advisory Meetings


Tuesday, April 30th- Haskin Elementary Art Show, Opportunity Coalition, Staff massages available from 10:45- 4:30 pm, English 101 Placement Exam, CHS Baseball vs. Sierra Grande @ 2:00 pm & Antonito @ 4:00 pm, Soccer @ Pagosa Springs, SMS Baseball @ Sargent


Wednesday, May 1st- Haskin Elementary Art Show, Site visit Colorado Health Foundation,  Staff Birthday Celebration, Staff massages available- 9:00- 2:30 pm, ASU Innovation Expo,  Superintendents’ PLC, SLV Educator of the Year Banquet


Thursday, May 2nd- Haskin Elementary Art Show, Family, School, Community Partnership Leaders Retreat- Estes Park, SPL Track Meet @ Del Norte


Friday, May 3rd- Family, School, Community Partnership Leaders Retreat- Estes Park


Saturday, May 4th- CVYC- 10 year Anniversary, Soccer @ Telluride, CHS Baseball @ Ignacio, SMS T & F at Sangre


Monday, May 6th- Thursday, May 9th- NWEA Testing



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