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Center of Focus

June 14, 2024

Focus on the Fabulous 

Happy summer to everybody! I hope everyone is getting some time off and enjoying the semi-beautiful weather. Many things are still happening at school, so I wanted to provide a quick update.


Summer school is well underway, and students are benefitting from small-group targeted instruction. Brenda Montoya is doing a great job as director of the summer programming for the elementary school. Haskin students had one week off, and then they jumped in, so they are finishing up their second week of school. Classes run Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until noon. Skoglund Summer School started this week at the ARC. Students are getting caught up in classes and content to have a great start next school year.


The Center Viking Youth Club (CVYC) provides some amazing summer activities and events for our Center youth.  Kids can swim, take field trips, have weekly adventures, roller skate, and more!  Thanks to our coordinator, Carmen Pavlowsky, for making all of these arrangements so that our kids can have some fun experiences over the summer.


We took a team of building and district leaders to the Hopeful Futures summer convening at CSU Spur on June 3rd-4th. The team worked together to review areas of focus on our District Ownership Plan and develop strategic plans to ensure that goals are identified and accomplished next year. This work supports our students on their paths towards Hopeful Futures because in Center, the students are the Center of it all!




Progress at the park on our football field and track is impressive. The football field is nearing completion, and we are working on finalizing the colors for the track. We are still aiming for a late July, early—mid-August completion date. We will make sure we have a grand community celebration when everything gets completed.


Even though many people have some well-deserved time off, there are still a number of people on our Viking team dedicated to keeping the Viking ship afloat and functioning well!


The facilities team is working hard throughout the summer to deep clean the building and keep up with the grounds. The upstairs floors have been waxed and are shining brightly. They are working on a number of summer projects together to get our facilities in tip-top shape!


Thanks to our transportation team for getting students to and from summer school and all the amazing activities that we have going on. Tony and Gerald are diligent over the summer months, cleaning and servicing all the buses so they are ready to go. 

Dianna and her team provide food for students and the community throughout the week. Thanks to them, no one is missing home-cooked meals!


The tech department is cleaning and updating all of the devices. It’s a time-consuming job that takes up most of the summer to ensure that our kids have state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips at the beginning of the year.


Chris Hintz is organizing the library, getting books leveled, and even setting up a space for some of our secondary students to do podcasts and other learning projects.


Of course… the girls in the administrative offices, both at the buildings and at the district, are making sure that reports are submitted, bills are paid, and data is entered.


Coaches are hosting camps, practicing, and working with teams to help them develop over the summer.  The girls’ basketball team has already hosted a tournament and has been practicing throughout the week.  Football players were on the practice field yesterday too!


Way to go, Blue Crew!  Thanks to everybody for their contributions to our team. 


Fast Forward

Dr. Ruggles and some of the CYPD staff are offering several training opportunities throughout the summer. Check them out if you get a chance. 


Calendar Dates


Monday, June 17th - Haskin and SMS Summer School, CVYC Swimming


Tuesday, June 18th-  Haskin and SMS Summer School, Superintendents’ Advisory Council, CYVC Adventure


Wednesday, June 19th- Haskin and SMS Summer School, Rural Alliance Advocacy Meeting, CVYC Art and Swimming Lessons

Thursday, June 20th - Haskin and SMS Summer School, CVYC Trip to Rockies Game

Friday, June 21st- CVYC Field Trip to Alligator Farm, GOCO State Board meeting



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