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December 23, 2023

Focus on the Fabulous Festivities


The last week of the quarter was filled with a plethora of fabulous festivities, and even though the halls were decked with boughs of holly, there was still high-quality instruction going on in the classrooms, as teachers were following through with increasing academic achievement for ALL students! 


Mrs. Arguello’s class started the day with circle time and students checked in on how they were feeling and discussed things important to them that were happening in their lives.  Mrs. Arguello encouraged students to be active listeners as students shared about areas of importance to them.  After circle time, the lesson shifted to a focus on phonics! 


In each of the elementary classes I visited that day authentic literacy lessons were going on and students were actively engaged in text! 


In Mrs. Archuleta’s high school earth science class, students were presenting their research projects on National Parks.  This is a great lesson that incorporates research, writing, creativity, and presentation skills into one lesson.  Kids learn about national parks and the geographical features associated with these unique places. 


Mr. Vigil’s students were engaged in a heated debate related to the three branches of government.  Students had researched the different branches, highlighted the strengths of their respective branches, provided examples of why their branches were the most influential and were able to provide arguments against the other branches.  It was fun to see the kids getting passionate about learning! 


Haskin Elementary students wrapped up their semester with Market Days.  Students had items or services to sell to their classmates and the staff.  This was a culminating event that ties into the economy/community classrooms that a number of our teachers have put into place as part of the classroom management systems.  These are real-life learning experiences that reinforce our post-secondary and workforce readiness goals!


Kindergarteners were having fun being architects and builders with their gingerbread houses.  It was fun to see the unique designs the students created with their houses.  The building materials were delicious and some of the builders were putting as many marshmallows in their mouths as they were on their houses! 



Three of our CHS students passed the national certification for CPCT through NHA this past week. Congratulations to Arazeliz, Ciara, and Willa. They are now Certified Patient Care Technicians!  Wendy Murillo, our district nurse, worked with them to get them through the program and it was not an easy process. This is a first for our district. Congratulations ladies, you make us VIKING Proud!


Skoglund Middle School athletes were each given the name of a resident at the Home Lake Nursing Home. Each student wrote a Christmas letter to the residents to spread some love over the holidays. The letters were delivered earlier this week.



Thanks to the Sunshine Committee for organizing the Christmas Potluck.  We had the chance to share some shout-outs and recognize staff who have gone the extra mile.  Mr. Alvaro shared some people he’d like to recognize with positive shout-outs- Trish Rue, Tayler Kriss, Kevin Hagan, Jaton Najera, Juliann Quintana, and Misty Lambert.  He shared that these teachers have helped him with the 7th-hour middle school students and the after-school tutoring.  He also wanted to recognize his tutors- Sharon Valadez, Jenny Nguyen, Jacqueline Aguilar, Hailey Alzate, and Alexandria Villa.  Thanks to these staff members pitching in, most of the students attending the program showed improvement in their mid-year NWEA scores.  This team has been a huge support for him and he said this wouldn’t have been as successful without their help.  Core Belief #2- With our support, ALL students can achieve at high levels and be successful in life!  Way to go Viking Team!

 The staff Christmas party was a success.  The R & R team worked hard to put the party and activities together. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make it happen.

Alondra Maldonado did an amazing job putting all the fun games together for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks to Lindsey and Christy for helping to get things set up and run all the competitions that the staff enjoyed!  There was good food, great company, a little dancing, and some fa-la-la-ing! 


Mr. Noriega had a great idea for the staff jackets and thanks to Maria and Agnes who worked non-stop getting the jackets wrapped up and sorted.  That took hours of work and I appreciate their willingness to get it all done! 

 Our Parents Involved in Center Schools (PICS) team spent hours coordinating the Toys for Tots gift giveaway and wrapping presents so that each of our students could have some Christmas cheer. Thanks to PICS Director, Lucia Miranda, and all her elves for their time and effort in creating a special experience for our students.

Center Vikings have been busy taking care of others throughout the holiday season. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure all families have food on their tables and presents under the tree. Every year Mrs. Banning coordinates the Sharing Christmas event. Staff make donations, boxes get packed, and deliveries are made to families throughout the community. Stephanie Archuleta also worked with her Key Club team to deliver boxes of food and necessities to our community to ensure that no one goes without over the holidays.

We ended the year on a great note.  Happy Holidays to all and we will see you in the New Year!


Fast Forward

Upcoming dates to get on calendars

Monday, Dec. 25th- Friday, Jan. 5th- Christmas Break

Monday, Jan, 1st- Happy New Year!

Thursday, Jan. 4th- CHS B-ball vs. Rocky Ford

Friday, Jan. 6th- CHS B-ball @ Peyton, CHS Wrestling- Rocky Mountain Invitational

Monday, Jan. 8th- No Students, Data Day, 1st day of 3rd Quarter, District Staff Meeting, Special BOE Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 9th- Students first day back, Superintendents Advisory Council, District Accountability Committee

Wednesday, Jan. 10th- Mid Year Evaluations

Thursday, Jan. 11th- Mid Year Evaluations

Friday, Jan. 12th-  CHS B-ball @ Del Norte

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