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Center of Focus

Focus on the Fabulous

Despite everything going on, our staff was able to pull off some fun Halloween activities for our elementary students last week. In this time of uncertainty, thank you all for being a constant in our kids’ lives and for giving them some sense of normalcy. Students had the opportunity to have some fun wearing costumes, parading down the halls, and playing some games with all of you!

Halloween at Haskin Elementary was a great success!

Wendy Murillo, our district nurse, has worked tirelessly to keep our students and staff safe throughout this pandemic. She has kept us all informed and has made sure that we are following through and up to date on state and county guidelines and protocols.

We are fortunate to have the nursing team we do. Wendy and Randi have been available in the mornings to help with screenings and make sure we are doing what we can to keep germs and sickness out of the buildings. We have been successful with that and we were fortunate to complete one-quarter of face-to-face instruction. Last week, the ladies arranged for a flu shot clinic for our staff members. A number of our staff members took advantage of that service being provided here on site.

We appreciate our nursing team going the extra mile to provide services for our staff and students. Thanks to Wendy and Randi for keeping us #VikingStrong!!

Forward Focus

As we switch to remote learning this week, it becomes evident all the planning and preparation that has taken place that allows us to continue to provide quality instruction for our students! Thanks to the administration, teachers, and support staff for working hard to make this transition possible.

Middle/high control room- Monday morning- working hard to connect with kids and get them set up for remote learning!


We will provide daily breakfast, lunch, and snacks for students throughout the week. Students and family members can drive or walk through the grab-and-go in front of the cafeteria between noon and 1:00 pm. We will do all we can to continue to support our students and families during remote learning.

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