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  • Carrie Zimmerman

November 18, 2019

Focus on the Fabulous

The Recruitment and Retention team put together another fun event for Center staff. This time Center staff had the chance to relax and rewind at Hooper Pool. The Pool Party took place on November 7th. There was a great turnout and staff enjoyed great food, relaxing hot tubs, golf and fun socializing with the Center Team. Almost every department in the district was represented. The Tech Team had 100% participation, so they took home the prize for best participation. Thanks to everyone who showed up to enjoy the evening and a huge thanks to Hooper Pool for the great evening! We appreciate your support of our district!

Welcome Aboard to the New Board

Our new Center School Board was sworn in at the November 12th organizational meeting. We are happy to welcome Mr. Lloyd Garcia and Mrs. Kim Duran to the board. They are familiar faces around Center schools and we are excited to have their knowledge and expertise to help guide Board and district efforts for the next several years. Mr. Lyn Bogle and Mr. Enrique Aguilar were sworn in for their second term on the Board and Mrs. Misty Palacios is continuing on in her current term. The Board Officer elections took place during the organizational meeting. Mr. Bogle was voted in as the President, Misty Palacios will continue to serve as Vice President, and Kim Duran will be the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board.

The Board will be getting right to work, attending the 75th annual CASB convention December 5th-8th. This convention is one of the biggest School Board Member education events of the year. The Board will have the opportunity to explore offerings of various presenters, expand knowledge in breakout sessions and become energized for the New Year and the work to be done. We will also be taking a group of student leaders under Ms. Hayes tutelage to the annual event.

Recognition of Board Members Stepping Down

While it’s exciting to welcome new members to the Board, we are sad to see Yuridia Cendejas and Richie Barela, stepping down from their roles and responsibilities as Board members. Yuri and Richie have served Center schools for the last eight years. They were both first elected in 2011. Yuri has served as the BOE President for the past four years. The district has benefitted tremendously from all her efforts. She truly does put the kids first. She is a student advocate and holds Center staff accountable for making sure that students are considered first in all of our decision making. This year, she was recognized at the state level and received the prestigious McGuffey Award for her outstanding boardsmanship. Her presence will continue to be felt in Center and the impact of all the good work she has done.

Richie Barela has served the district as the BOE Secretary/Treasurer for the last four years. Richie is a lifetime resident of Center and his commitment to his community and the school is apparent. He has been a voice for the community and has always been willing to come in a let us know if there are concerns or issues that need to be addressed. He is also always willing to jump in and help in various roles. He has helped with crossing guard duties, helped to celebrate holiday celebrations and even assumed the roles of Santa and the Easter Bunny, cheered at sporting events, and represented the district at community events.

Thank you both for all you have done for Center Schools. We know that you will still be involved in our district and keep us focused on what is best for kids.

Coding Class

On October 18th, the CHS coding class went to Gunnison for a tour of the University with a focus on the brand new engineering department. Students were able to visit with the Dr. Daniel Schuster in his classroom and Obed Perez had the opportunity to show off some of his coding work online. The professor gave the students access to a website where he keeps the work that he and his college students do in his classes so they could have the opportunity to debug code and collaborate with Western students.

On the 8th of November, the coding class went to UCCS in Colorado Springs for a 4 hour tour of the campus with a focus on the engineering department. Students were able to visit with a group of students who are building an electric race car at the University. On Saturday, the students were invited to Keysight Technologies (Hewlett Packard), a software and hardware engineering firm, for a tour of the sight. Brad Doerr, Vice President and General Manager of digital and photonics R&D at Keysight Technologies took the students through all of the engineering departments and schooled the kids on the different types of engineers at Keysight.

These are just some of the amazing experiences our Center students have in preparing for post-secondary and workforce options. Thanks to Ms. Dolan and all her hard work for making these opportunities possible for our kids.

Haskin Happenings

I had the opportunity to get into elementary classrooms last week with Mr. Morgan. It was exciting to see all the great things going on in the classrooms. Students were engaged in text, writing essays, using critical thinking skills, solving math problems, singing and entertaining. It’s evident that teachers are spending time quality planning and making sure that students have the best learning experience possible. It was also evident that instruction was aligned to standards and focused on what is most important. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to student learning. I saw our core belief of Everyone being committed to excellence in All they do Every day being carried out!

Upcoming Events

We have exciting things going on this week. Tomorrow morning Mr. Jones will be hosting another Men on Campus event, Tuesday morning, November 19th. Please invite dads and men in the community to attend the breakfast put on by Mr. Jones! The elementary Thanksgiving Dinner will take place on Wednesday. This is a longstanding tradition that the elementary staff puts together to celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy good food and friends. We will also be holding our districtwide PLC later that afternoon.. This week is Jeans Week, so don’t forget to pay your $5.00 and enjoy wearing jeans all week long! Next week is Thanksgiving Break, staff and students will get the chance to enjoy their families and a much needed week off!

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