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  • Carrie Zimmerman

Focus on our Fabulous Staff

We have some pretty amazing staff members here in Center. I will be highlighting staff from time to time in the Center of Focus. This week I’d like to showcase three different staff members.

First of all, Mike Martinez and Reyna Miramontez are true heroes. Last week, during elementary lunch, we had a 1st grade student who had some food lodged in his throat and was struggling to breathe. Reyna was keeping a close eye on our students and noticed the young boy and jumped into action to offer assistance. Thankfully, Mike Martinez was there as well and was able to successfully do the Heimlich maneuver and clear our student’s airway. This was a very scary situation and thanks to their quick thinking and appropriate actions our student was okay. Please give them both a pat on the back for doing such an amazing job of taking care of our students.

Focus on Student Safety

Our district is fortunate to have staff of high caliber. One such staff member is our Director of School Safety and Behavior, Steve Martinez.

I am Steve Martinez, a native and High School Graduate from Del Norte, Colorado. I am an all season outdoorsman who enjoys nature, I love gold panning, hiking, fishing and hunting. I am a huge fan of family and students. As a 25 year Colorado certified year law enforcement veteran I graduated from Trinidad State Jr. Police Academy the summer in May 1995 and retired my badge October of 2020 from Rio Grande Sheriff’s Office and Del Norte Police, I served the last 7 years as part-time Police and Sheriffs Reserve as I accepted a new role and employment with Center Consolidated School District. I have had a tremendous amount of training in investigations and enjoyed every day serving communities. It was an honor to serve and protect the communities I worked for.

It is an honor and such a great opportunity to work at Center School District serving the community of Center and working with students K-12 as the Director of School Safety and Behavior. I started my employment as a Behavior Specialist gradually taking on more responsibility to help better our school and creating a safer environment for our district. It is an honor to work with a great professional staff and students. I love the opportunity of making a difference in a student’s life-giving direction or re-directing students to make great choices. It is an amazing feeling to watch the graduates whom I have worked with a walk across the stage at the end of the school year with heads held high confirming they made the right choice. There are two things we will always be right at, “If you say you can’t you’re right, If you say you can, you’re right!

Forward Focus

The monthly District Accountability Committee meeting will be held at 4:45 pm on Tuesday afternoon. We will also have our annual BOE meeting that evening. District Leadership and Admin. will meet on Wednesday.

We are getting ready for staff appreciation the week of February 15th-18th. The R & R team will be sending out more information on that later this week, so keep your eyes open and get signed up for some pampering.

We are also scheduled to give the COVID vaccinations on site on February 23rd. All staff will be able to receive the vaccine at that time. Details to follow. Have a great week.

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