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Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! This week we celebrate our fantastic teaching staff. Here’s to the best teachers around! Thank you all for everything you do for our students and families here in Center. Our kids are lucky to have you! They deserve the best and we have the best. Educators commit each day to their students and this year, with all of the unique challenges we’ve faced, our teaching staff has come together to ensure each of our students gets the education, support, and skills they need to learn and succeed. The impact that teachers have on the lives of students is undeniable. You have demonstrated throughout the year your commitment to providing our students with quality instruction, support, and guidance, whether it was onsite or online. This week is an example of just that. Our elementary staff had to pivot to virtual learning again, to keep our kids safe. Our middle and high school staff is back, working on our end-of-year testing, to get the information we need so that we can continue to deliver quality instruction. You all are showing up, each day, with positive attitudes, and getting things done! Thank you all for everything you do. You truly are extraordinary educators! Thanks for your commitment to our students and your profession.

National Nurses Day

This Thursday we will recognize our fantastic nursing staff, Wendy Murillo and Randi Asbell. I can’t imagine how we would have handled the last 14 months without their guidance and expertise. Thank you both for all you have done to keep our kids, families, and staff safe. The task has been relentless, but you have kept up and done an amazing job. Thank you for setting up the testing clinics, making arrangements to have vaccines available for our school and community, screening kids, making tough decisions, and getting the necessary supplies to keep everyone healthy. Thank you! We should thank you every day, but on May 6th, we especially recognize the contributions and commitments that you make for our district and acknowledge the vital role you play in public schools.


On April 21st, we attended the SLV Educator Recognition dinner at Mountain Valley School District. Our very own, Hanna Hays, was recognized along with all of the other Teachers of the Year from the surrounding districts. It was a nice evening and Hanna represented Center School District well. Congratulations to Hanna!

We are continuing to make plans for summer school which will be held from June 7th through July 15th. The six-week session will provide additional instructional time for identified students to address any learning loss that may have taken place over this past year. If you are interested in being a part of summer school, please reach out to Kevin Hagan.

NWEA testing is taking place this week for our middle school and high school students. This will give us the necessary end-of-year data so that we can gauge student learning for the school year and make informed plans for the 2021-2022 school year.

The elementary needed to transition to remote learning for this week. We hope to have them back on site next week, and the elementary will be able to conduct their end-of-year testing.

Fast Forward

The National Honor Society Awards Banquet will be held on Wednesday evening, May 5th. The National Honor Society elevates a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students who have demonstrated these characteristics in their work ethic and daily behavior will be inducted into NHS during this ceremony.

There will be an elementary food pick-up every day this week for our students who are learning remotely. The grab and go will be Monday- Thursday at 11:00 am in front of the cafeteria. Our food services team is planning a special Cinco de Mayo lunch for students and staff on Wednesday.

This weekend a celebration for Coach Schoenfelder will be held at Calvillo’s Restaurant in Alamosa at 4:00 pm on Saturday, May 8th. This is to celebrate his retirement and honor his time in our district as a teacher and coach. Hope you all can make it!

And a friendly reminder from Mr. Vigil and his friend... to continue to be diligent with all of the safety precautions we have in place. Please, keep wearing your masks, wash your hands frequently, and social distance as needed. We have four weeks of school left. We want to be able to finish the year strong and on-site! Have a great week.

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