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January 28, 2024

Focus on the Fabulous

 Thursday was an early release day, but it was action-packed with all kinds of fabulous experiences for our students.  First grade is always pretty amazing but this past week they were Out of this World as they celebrated their annual Space Day!  Throughout the week, kids had the chance to learn about the solar system, planets, and gravity.  For the culminating activity, students and staff dressed up

in their finest space attire to wrap up their space studies.

Attention! We have some unidentified flying objects in the area!!!!


As part of the district’s post-secondary and workforce readiness efforts, identified in our District Ownership Plan, ICAP days are built into the calendar.  The focus of ICAP days is on students developing the necessary skills so that they are capable of pursuing the desired postsecondary options when they graduate.  ICAP days give students the opportunities to explore careers and create plans for pathways to graduation and beyond! The CCSD Graduate Profile articulates the characteristics students are developing.  Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Ruggles and our CPYD team, students participated in career cluster workshops from thirty professional organizations ranging from the military, manufacturing, natural resources, animal sciences, business management, criminal justice, government, finance, STEM, and marketing. 


Our district goes to infinity and beyond to provide students with a multitude of engaging learning experiences.  Everyone in the district is working together and committed to excellence in all they do every day! 


Family-School Community Partnership (FSCP) is a part of the MTSS work and another area of focus in the District Ownership Plan. CCSD works to ensure that staff, students, families, and the community are invested and collaborate for students’ success in and out of school.  This past week, we were invited to be a part of the first FSCP Leadership Think Tank in Granby, Colorado. Brisa Macias, Misty Lambert, and I represented the district.  Center school district is considered a leader in this work and the ideas, strategies, and events that our district has been putting into practice for years have been replicated and implemented in other districts across the Valley and the state.  Our team is often too busy doing the work to talk about what we are doing, but the state is taking notice and recognizing the contributions of CCSD staff. 

Dalia Molina and Brisa Macias are the district’s parent liaisons and do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work.  They have been asked to present their expertise on several occasions.  They work hard to establish and maintain positive, productive relationships with families.  Misty Lambert and Michele Hammel operate as our MTSS Coordinators and are dedicated to meeting student needs and building trusting relationships with all stakeholders.  Their efforts contribute to our shared ownership approach.  The FSCP work includes multiple avenues of communication between families and the district, regular family engagement events, Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, home visits, and increased participation of community members on district committees. 



Center once again hosted another successful Valley Classic.  The Viking team all pitched in and worked together to make the event a success.  Our wrestlers performed well and came away with a 3rd place finish overall.  

We had several wrestlers make it to the winners’ podium. Martin Palma and Aaron Valadez came away with 1st place finishes. Jordan Duran took 2nd, Andre Meraz and Jesus Valadez finished in 3rd, Matthew Archuleta, Fran Villa, and Caden Ruggles earned 5th place finishes, and Michael Archuleta came in 6th place. It was a great day of wrestling and as always, there were a multitude of compliments on the tournament.  

Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success.  Linda Donaldson and Charlie Kuhns did a great job organizing and running the tournament.  A huge thanks to the facilities team who got everything set up, kept the areas clean and were on hand throughout the two days to help with whatever was needed.  The tech team, led by Julio Paez, always does an amazing job getting the event set up with cutting-edge technology.  Ascencion was on hand to help out with any technical glitches. 

The Key Club helped with the Kiwanis breakfast and we are grateful to the Kiwanis for such a positive community partnership!  And of course, Susan Banning goes above and beyond setting up the best hospitality room around!  Thanks to all the parents and staff who made delicious, homemade food as a treat for our visiting guests.  Everybody raved about the food and how well everything was run.  I know I won’t get everybody, but thanks to Adele Alfson, Tim Sanchez, Maria Seesz, Wanetta Tipsword, and several students who stepped up to help out.  We can put another successful Viking Classic in the books!

The Merit Competition is in high gear.  At the end of week two, the 6th grade had a slight lead over the 7th graders, with a total of 350 points.  6th graders were doing a great job with the best grades, fewest tardies, and best behavior.  8th graders had the best attendance the first week, but 7th graders stepped up last week with the best attendance and the best job with the new cell phone policy!

The competition is pretty close at Haskin Elementary, but so far, third grade is in the lead!  Kinder, 1st, 2nd, and 5th are all tied for second place! 

The seniors are crushing it at the high school and have already earned 625 points!  Juniors have 275 points and the freshmen and sophomores are tied at 125 points each.  Last week, seniors had 0 behavior referrals, the best attendance, the best grades, and the fewest tardies.  Way to go seniors!  You are great role models!  Juniors did well with only one behavior referral and the second-best attendance.

Let’s have a great week Vikings! 

Fast Forward

We are finishing up January and cruising into February this week!  Here are upcoming events for the week. 


Calendar Dates

Monday, Jan. 29th- CASB Crew Meeting and Interview, FSCP Interview, MLT


Tuesday, Jan. 30th- Mentor Meeting, District Accountability, Regular Board Meeting


Wednesday, Jan. 31st- January-March B-day Celebration, Rural Alliance Advocacy, Superintendent PLC, 8th Grade Upward Bound, 9th Grade Success Team on Track to Graduation Celebration


Thursday, Feb. 1st- Safety Team Meeting


Friday, Feb. 2nd- Groundhog Day, CTE Luncheon, CHS B-ball vs. South Park


Saturday, Feb. 3rd- CHS B-ball @ Monte

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