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November 17, 2023- Focus on the Fabulous

Students in Mrs. Quintana’s second-grade class were gearing up for Thanksgiving dinner with their animated stories of the turkeys trying to make a getaway! Kids were engaged in literacy- writing, reading, and listening, by sharing their personal stories of the turkey who tried to get away!

It was a great way to start the day yesterday with their fun, creative stories of the turkeys and their attempts to escape being on the menu. The kids did a great job of reading with inflection and coming up with creative attempts at a vanishing act!

Middle/High students were taking part in ICAP activities. Thanks to Katrina’s team for coordinating those efforts so that our secondary students can have opportunities related to their post-secondary goals. High school students were developing projects related to ways to improve the district if they had the funds to do it! Along with our PWR efforts, our high school students attended the Career Fair at Adams State on Wednesday.

Staff had time to be a part of Professional Learning Communities that looked at data and priority standards. We are really zeroing in on focusing instruction on critical content so that we can ensure we are being intentional in delivering instruction in priority areas.

The day wrapped up with delicious turkey dinners for all!


Tuesday was a jam-packed day with the 6th State Finance Task Force meeting, District Accountability, and the Board of Education meeting. There are two more meetings left as the committee works towards making recommendations on a more equitable school finance formula. The last two meetings will take place in December and the recommendations will be given to the legislature to provide direction on the two adequacy studies.

The District Accountability Committee (DAC) met for the first time this year. Officers were elected and Mr. Miguel Rios will once again serve as the chair of the committee. Time was spent reviewing the Educator Effectiveness evaluation process and how measures of student learning are used in that process. The DAC will continue that conversation by looking at NWEA data and determining what data will be the most meaningful in measuring quality instruction.

The District Ownership Team had its monthly meeting. The team is working on finalizing the Improvement Strategies for the District Action Plan and establishing annual and long-term goals related to that work. The team will meet after the break in a work session to finalize those efforts so that the plan can be formally rolled out in January.

The STARS and Center Viking Youth Club hosted a successful Thanksgiving dinner fundraiser last night. They had a huge turnout with over 100 attendees. Food and entertainment were provided and the event was a success!

Fast Forward

Upcoming dates to get on calendars

Friday, Nov. 17th- SMS B-ball tourney @ Sierra Grande

Saturday, Nov. 18th- SMS B-ball tourney @ Sierra Grande

Monday, Nov.20th - Sunday, Nov. 26th - Thanksgiving Break

Monday, Nov. 27th- MLT, YMHA Suicide Prevention Training

Tuesday, Nov. 28th- CDE MLD Site Visit, CHS B-ball scrimmage @ Salida, SMS B-ball C-team @ Antonito

Wednesday, Nov. 29th- Rural Alliance Advocacy, DOT Working Session, Superintendent PLC

Thursday, Nov. 30th- R & R Meeting, CHS B-ball Tourney @ Sangre, SMS B-ball C-team vs. Sargent

Friday, Dec. 1st – CHS B-ball Tourney @ Sangre

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