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Center of Focus

November 12, 2023

Focus on the Fabulous

Our main gym is officially the House of Blue! This weekend Teddy Garcia and Ascencion Najera worked hard to get the new logo design and name up to welcome everybody into the House of Blue!

This phrase originated from Brian Stevenson affectionately referring to our gym as the House of Blue during his radio broadcasts. Teddy loved the phrase and took the idea of naming our gym the House of Blue to the Viking Athletic Association. The VAA unanimously agreed and this weekend, thanks to their hard work, the official logo was installed. Check it out, it looks pretty impressive!


Everybody did a great job with the fire drill on Thursday. The entire building was evacuated in a little over 3 minutes. Thanks to Chris Segura and Chuck Kuhns for coordinating this practice. Chuck has stepped up to help support our student behavior and safety efforts. We appreciate his willingness to be a team player and support our students and district safety needs! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Fast Forward

The week before Thanksgiving Break is a busy one. Please check out the upcoming events.

Calendar Dates

Monday, Nov. 13th – Health Colorado Fall Fest, 1st official HS B-ball practice, SPED Program Interviews at ASU

Tuesday, Nov. 14th- Superintendent’s Advisory Council, State Finance Task Force, District Accountability Committee, Board Meeting, MS B-ball @ Sanford

Wednesday, Nov. 15th- Career Fair- ASU, Grant Meeting, PWR Meeting, District Ownership Team Meeting, Haskin Staff Meeting- LifeSpot Update

Thursday, Nov. 16th- ICAP- Early Release, PLC, TIPS Intro, Thanksgiving Potlucks, Secondary LifeSpot Update, Curriculum Meeting, MS B-ball vs. Sangre, CVYC Thanksgiving Fundraiser

Friday, Nov. 17th- Saturday, 18th- MS B-Ball tourney @ Sierra Grande

Friday, Nov. 17th- Sunday, Nov. 26th- Thanksgiving Break

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