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May 14, 2023

Focus on the Fabulous

Once again, there are a plethora of fabulous things happening in our district. The Center School District is brimming over with amazing accomplishments!

Anna Bishop received the Educator Highlight Award for the month of April from Adams State School of Education. She was nominated for her efforts with our CLD students. Anna has provided support for students and staff in meeting the needs of our English learners. Her colleague, Hanna Hays, highlights the work that Anna has done with a particular student in her class to emphasize Anna's efforts for our students. There’s a great article on Anna in the Alamosa Citizen. Congratulations Anna! You make us Viking Proud!

We have CHS students who are college graduates before they receive their high school diplomas. Congratulations to Alexia Badachi, Willa Seez-Sanchez, Ciara Paia, Yulisa Maldonado, and Arazeliz Garcia for completing the Certified Nursing Aide Program. Wendy Murillo, our district nurse, worked hard to get this program in place for our students, and her hard work paid off in dividends. Thanks to her efforts we have five Center High School soon-to-be graduates that are certified CNAs. Great work to all of you!

Selah Harrington, a CHS junior, has been selected to serve on the CASB Student Leadership Planning Team. In the coming year, she’ll participate in planning activities for the student strand of the annual Colorado Association of School Boards conference. In December, she will be a student leader during the annual CASB conference and she will help to facilitate the student leadership strand. This is a first for our district and a great achievement for one of our students. Congratulations to Selah!

We have four CHS athletes that will be competing at the state track meet! Cael Ruggles and Andree Meraz will be throwing discus, Ciara Paiz qualified in the triple jump, and Angel Mendoza will be competing in the Olympic 100 race and long jump. Congratulations to our CHS athletes.

Friday evening the Viking Athletic Association hosted an incredible banquet to honor all of the CHS athletes and coaches! Trever Martinez, the VAA President, coordinated the 1st class event as athletes, parents, coaches, and staff were treated to an amazing evening.

The VAA is committed to building a community of champions! This event highlighted that commitment and honored our outstanding athletes throughout the year! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this a memorable and momentous occasion!

Our 8th-grade baseball team finished the season with a championship win! Congratulations to our Skoglund MS baseball team. They defeated Alamosa in the championship game by 17 runs with a final score of 25-8! Let’s go Vikings!

This weekend we had several staff members graduate from college with different degrees. We are proud of all of our Viking staff that have pursued excellence in education and have accomplished those goals! Congratulations! Your hard work and diligence have paid off! We are proud to have you on the Viking Ship!

Dr. Katrina Ruggles earned her PhD in Counselor Education.

Jackie Ortiz earned her Master’s degree in Special Education.

Angel Guerrero earned his Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education, English, Cum laude.

Congratulations to all of our graduates for their accomplishments!


Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and National Nurse’s Week and we celebrated the amazing team we have at Center Schools throughout the week!

We started the week with safety first. All students and staff took part in a practice reunification drill to make sure everybody knew what to do in case we needed to evacuate the building and identify any potential issues. Safety Steve was our fearless leader and coordinated all aspects of the reunification drill. The administration team met afterward to debrief with the police. All in all, it was a successful endeavor.

Tuesday we had our regular Board meeting. The Board, along with Mrs. Neufeld, recognized Stephanie Archuleta as Center School’s Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Morgan gave his last Board report at the meeting as he is leaving the district to be the Superintendent at Sanford Schools next year. We wish Mr. Morgan all the best in his new position.

Members of the Skoglund Middle School Yearbook team, Elliot Cardoza and Estrella Luna presented their report on the middle school yearbook. The ladies did an excellent job presenting and putting together the yearbook. This year’s theme is #SocialMedia! We can’t wait to see it!

Wednesday our seniors presented their exit interviews to a panel of judges. The presentations were comprehensive as they included an overview of each student, their portfolios, and post-secondary goals that included financial plans, resumes, exemplary work, letters of recommendation, acceptance letters, awards, scholarships, capstone projects, and volunteer service.

To see what each of these students has accomplished is truly impressive and moving. Many of our students have overcome significant challenges and barriers to reach this point and to see them shine in these presentations is a rewarding experience for all involved.

That evening the National Honor Society ceremony was held in which new members were inducted into the organization. Current members of NHS ran the entire ceremony along with support from Principal Neufeld. Students are honored in the honor society when they demonstrate scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Congratulations to our newest inductees and all the current members. This is quite an accomplishment and honor. NHA inductees: Mhia Maez, Areli Monge Orozco, Jose Valadez-Gonzalez, Julian Maldonado, Ahyari Fimbres Navarro, Noah Swanson, Dulce Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Ciara Paiz, and Arleth Villalobos.

Thursday our 8th graders had the opportunity to go on a college visit to Western State University… and then there was some pig kissing!!!

It kind of looks like love at first sight...

Fast Forward

Upcoming dates to get on calendars

Monday, May 15th- CHS Day Awards, 2nd Semester Final Grades, DLT EOY Meeting, End of Year Band Concert

Tuesday, May 16th- Master Contract Negotiations, Senior Seminar Showcase, High School Evening Awards

Wednesday, May 17th- Rockies Merit Trip, Rural Alliance Advocacy Meeting, Certified Nurse Aide Pinning Ceremony

Thursday, May 18th- 8th-grade class trip, BOCES training, State Track Meet

Friday, May 19th- State Track Meet

Saturday, May 20th- State Track Meet

Wednesday, May 24th – MS Awards, Check in all student devices, 3:00 pm- 5th Grade Continuation, 5:30 pm- Kindergarten Graduation, 7:00 pm- 8th Grade Continuation

Thursday, May 25th- Last Day of School

Friday, May 26th- Last Day for Staff- Staff Breakfast, ½ Workday

Saturday, May 27th- 10:00 am- CHS Graduation, Main Gym

Monday, May 29th- Memorial Day

Saturday, June 3rd- ARC/CVA Graduation

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