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Center of Focus

February 20, 2023

Focus on the Fabulous

Congratulations are in order for our wrestling team. Four of our wrestlers placed at state and our team came home with a 15th-place finish. This is the first time in two decades that we have taken this many wrestlers, qualifying seven to wrestle, and coming home with 4 state awards! Congratulations to Jordan Duran, Aaron Valadez, Martin Palma, Jesus Valadez, and all of the wrestlers and coaches! You made us proud with your performance at State and throughout the year!

Our basketball teams have an exciting week coming up. Our Lady Vikings will be competing in the regional playoffs against Sargent on Tuesday night. The ladies have earned the home-court advantage and will play @ 6:00 pm here in Center! The boys’ team will be on the road, heading to Del Norte, for their playoff challenge. Let’s make sure our teams feel our support and Viking Pride as they start on their paths to VIKING VICTORY!


I wanted to take the time to recognize our amazing Counseling Staff. Thanks to all of the resources our district has been able to secure, a great deal of that through the hard work of Katrina Ruggles and her role as Grant Coordinator for the district, we have a strong, effective team in place to meet the needs of our students. We are very blessed to have all of the counselors on staff in our district. Each of them serves in a variety of roles, from teaching cooking classes to coordinating girls’ circles to coordinating circle prompts to checking in on students to meeting with parents and students, our counselors go above and beyond to support our students and staff! Thank you for all you do! Here’s to Jerica Gonzalez, Stephany Rodriquez, Mary Benavidez, Adele Alfson, Kristin Enquist, Celina Espinoza, and Katrina Ruggles!

Fast Forward

We have a busy week ahead of us as we start our 7th week of the 3rd quarter. This week will be our annual Mardi Gras Staff Appreciation week! There are a lot of fun, relaxing activities planned for the staff throughout the week. Monday night is the annual Kiwanis Pancake Dinner! Katrina and her team worked hard to get fun, educational activities planned for our students on Thursday so that our staff could participate in PLC, pampering, and boulder work. Check out everything going on in the district below!

Upcoming dates to get on calendars

Monday, February 20th- Staff Appreciation Week- Pick up your Mardi Gras swag in the library, Kiwanis Pancake Dinner

Tuesday, February 21st- Wear GOLD, Coffee in the library, Superintendents’ Advisory PLC and Committee, Basketball Regional Playoffs- Boys @ Del Norte, Girls @ Home, Urban Renewal Authority Meeting

Wednesday, February 22nd- Wear GREEN, Fried Pies in the offices

Thursday, February 23rd- Wear PURPLE, Coffee in the cafeteria, pampering, Ice Cream Delivered, Boulder and Graduate Profile Work with CEI, HS Knowledge Bowl at ASU, Presidential Search Committee

Friday, February 24th- Staff Appreciation Pampering, Catered lunch from Colorado Grille, Mt. Princeton Retreat

Saturday, February 25th- Mt. Princeton Retreat


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