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August 15, 2022

Welcome back Center Vikings! We are very excited to be kicking off a new school year. We rolled out the red carpet this morning to celebrate our students being back on campus! It’s always a great way to start the year. All of our elementary students are here, but at the secondary level, we are starting with a staggered approach so that we could have orientation activities for our 6th graders and freshmen! Tomorrow, we will have all of our secondary students back and we will roll out the red carpet again!


Teachers and district staff were back on site last week. Tuesday was a busy day with our new teacher orientation and student registration. Students and families were able to get paperwork done, sign up for different supports and resources, and learn about the various organizations that partner with the district.

Thanks to our community partners including the Early Childhood Council, Adams State, Center Police, Migrant Education, and Saguache County Public Health, that were on site for this event. Thanks to our district staff and organizations that provided information and services that day as well: food services, technology department, health services, PICs, CPYD, and SRTS. Thanks to Ms. Banning, we were able to give away close to 200 backpacks to our students, full of school supplies.

We want to make sure our kids are ready to start the year off strong! Thanks to Rich and his crew for getting the gym set up and a special thanks to Wendy Murillo for coordinating the event!

Wednesday was the All Staff Welcome Back! The positive energy in the building was amazing. We’d like to thank the Methodist church for once again hosting an amazing staff luncheon on Thursday. Our staff was treated to delicious homemade salads and desserts and they had even put together teacher supplies and goodies for us to take back to our classrooms. We are very grateful for the wonderful partnership we have with the United Methodist church. Thanks to Pastor Debbie, Sue McClure, Kitty Entz, Vicki Ratzlaff, Glynnis Williams, Lori Sanchez, Janet Myers, and Mary Bloxsom.

Thursday morning staff gathered at the building level to go over building-specific business and have some fun! Haskin staff did their best to outbid each other, in I believe, the first-ever Haskin auction!

We’ll have plenty of news to report again at the end of the week. Until then, check out some of the events coming up in the near future and some of the engagements I have on my calendar.

Fast Forward

Monday, August 15th- 1st Day of school for all toddlers, preschool and elementary students, 6th graders, and 9th graders

2:00 pm- SLV Hazard Mitigation Planning Meeting

Tuesday, August 16th- All students back to school

Wednesday, August 17th- Philanthropy Co Rural Funders- visit district

5:30 pm- SLV BOCES Board Meeting

Friday, August 19th- Panel for New Superintendent and BOCES Executive Director Orientation

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1 Comment

Aug 15, 2022

"step by step, one goes a long way" (Class of '59 motto)

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