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August 8, 2022

As we gear up for the start of another school year, the Center School district staff is working together to get the year started off on the right foot. Thirty staff members gathered in South Fork last week for the Retreat on the Rio, facilitated by the Colorado Education Initiative. Last year, the diagnostic review process began, in which data and information from a plethora of sources were gathered and analyzed to determine what is going well in the district and identify areas in need of improvement. Staff members then used the diagnostic review to identify priority areas in each building and make specific plans for improvement work. This work will further the efforts that have been started with the improvement strategies in the District Action Plan.

This is the first phase of the improvement work. The commitment to our students and the district is evident and admirable in the work that was accomplished throughout the retreat. The work that took place included tough conversations, reflection, and the desire to move forward together to ensure that we are providing our students with a place where they feel welcomed and connected in a healthy and safe learning environment. Center schools is committed to excellence and to providing our students with the best educational experience available. The work will be shared with the rest of the staff in the next few weeks as we embark on the next phase of this process and look forward to ALL of our staff working together on these efforts.

The days were long and jam-packed, but after all of the hard work, there was some time to relax and unwind. Thanks to the staff that gave up some of the last few days of their summer to work on our continuous district improvement efforts.

We had a great time last Thursday night at the sendoff celebration for Mr. Jones (a.k.a. Waldo). Thanks to everybody who joined in the celebration as we honored the 25 years of service that Kevin provided for the district. There were some special tributes from staff members, specifically the other Mr. Jones and Mrs. Banning.

A thank you to the hostess with the most-est, Kindra Rounds, and the fun games she had planned for the night. We decided that we would let Sierra Grande know that Kindra is available for any of their staff development days. We know how much Kevin loves the games. Actually, after one of those games we all know a lot more than we wanted to about Mr. Jones! Also, thanks to Salma for all her help getting things together. We wish Kevin the best of luck in his new ventures in Sierra Grande.

Fast Forward

A Reminder of Important Dates Ahead:

August 9th-

8:00 am- New Teacher Orientation

9:00- 3:00 pm-CHAMP and student registration

10:00 am- Superintendents’ Advisory Committee

4:00- 6:00 pm- Health physicals

6:00 pm- Regular BOE meeting

August 10th- All Staff Welcome Back

August 11th- Staff PD and Workday

Monday, August 15th- 1st Day of school for all toddlers, preschool and elementary students, 6th graders, and 9th graders

We will be doing a staggered start for our middle and high school students. Sixth and Ninth grade students will start on Monday, August 15th. All other middle and high school students will start on Tuesday, August 16th. More information to come!

Tuesday, August 16th- All students back to school

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