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Center of Focus

Focus on our Fabulous Administrative Professionals

Today we recognize the professionals who keep our offices and district running smoothly every day. A huge thank you to Brenda Montoya, Agnes Salazar, Debra Lujan, Rosa Ramos, Salma Cendejas, and JJ Beiriger. These ladies are the backbone of the district and work hard on a daily basis to make sure our students, staff, and families are taken care of. They are our first responders. They greet everyone coming through the front doors and handle those situations efficiently and gracefully. They answer the telephones to deal with questions, concerns, needs, problems, and suggestions. They are the go-to for all staff- teachers, administration, students, and families- when there is a question or problem. Today is our day to tell them thank you for all that they do. This does not come close to acknowledging the important role they play in our district, but it is a day to recognize their hard work, dedication, and class.

These ladies never have a typical schedule. Their tasks vary from day to day. They adjust and pivot to meet the needs of our staff, administration, and most importantly the students. These amazing ladies keep our offices organized and efficient. They are flexible and handle the unexpected with dignity and grace. Each of the ladies has a positive attitude and looks for solutions when things get challenging. How lucky are we to have this team of administrative professionals in our district? Pretty lucky!

Thank you, ladies. Thank you, Brenda Montoya! Thank you, Agnes Salazar! Thank you, Rosa Ramos! Thank you, Debra Lujan! Thank you, Salma Cendejas! Thank you, JJ Beiriger!

When you enter the elementary entrance you are greeted by Brenda and Agnes. Brenda is the epitome of professionalism and efficiency. She greets families and students as they enter the building, confers with families, and makes sure kids get to their ultimate destination. Brenda is a mainstay in the elementary office and can answer any question you throw at her. During the challenges of the pandemic, Brenda stepped up to help with all the additional challenges COVID presented and made sure all students were screened at the front office. Brenda also works hard in the library. After a long day in the front office, Brenda supports our community by keeping the library open after school hours. You’ve all seen Brenda serving in many roles- putting up interactive bulletin boards, communicating with families, checking attendance, and just keeping the elementary office running smoothly. We are blessed to have Brenda Montoya in our district.

Agnes Salazar is the other half of the elementary office. Agnes gets things done and makes sure things are taken care of. Agnes shares the responsibilities in the front office with Brenda. She willingly stepped up to help with morning screenings and made sure there was consistency in the process. Brenda also supports our elementary intervention efforts. She is flexible and steps away from her office responsibilities to support our students. Our students have benefitted from the time and energy that Agnes has put towards working with them. Agnes has a can do attitude, gets thing accomplished, and handles anything that is thrown at her. Keep up the great work Agnes!

The middle/high office is run by Rosa Ramos and Debra Lujan. Rosa has it handled. She connects with kids, staff, and families. She works hard to get coverage for classes when teachers are out. This is definitely not an easy task given our current situation, but she figures it out. Rosa makes special connections with the students and the staff because she has established a level of trust. She is able to keep us informed of things that might be going on in the community or with families that we might otherwise not know. This helpful information ensures that we are meeting the needs of our students and responding to situations appropriately. Thank you Rosa for living out the core beliefs of CCSD and helping us follow through with our district vision and mission!

Debra is like the energizer bunny. She just doesn’t stop. Debra does just about everything. She drives buses, helps with scheduling and IC issues, and helps to hold down the fort in the front office. If you have a question, she has your answer.. or she will find it. Debra is solution-oriented and will work to figure out a way to get things done. Her can-do attitude is inspiring. She helps to solve problems, looks for positive solutions, gives invaluable advice, and does everything she can to keep the district moving forward.

Salma joined our district team this year and has already made an impression. She is focused and hard-working. She has worked to get things at the district level up to date- including policy work and board procedures. Salma transitioned smoothly into this role and has handled the different challenges thrown at her in a professional and respectful manner. We are fortunate to have her on the team!

JJ is the foundation of the district. She is the first one to arrive each day and she never slows down once she gets here. She handles all of the purchases in the district and that is not an easy task. JJ makes sure that our jobs are advertised, items are ordered and paid for, and all the behind the scene things get taken care of! I mean... she even has pots and pans on her desk.. just in case!

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