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Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Focus on the Fabulous

March 15, 2022

Cristian Gauderrama attended our Board meeting last week and was introduced to the Board as our new School Resource Officer. Cristian is a familiar face as he is a Center graduate! We are very appreciative of our partnership with the town and the support they are providing for our district and students. Cristian is a great role model for our students and is making some great connections. He is on-site on a regular basis and is always willing to jump in and help. He is an example of our Center vision- developing independent, motivated, self-directed learners with the skills necessary to meet the challenges they will face in today’s society. Cristian has always been a part of the Center family and we are happy to have him on board in this new position.

How lucky are we to have someone like Susan Banning on our staff? Susan wears a multitude of hats in our district and one of those hats is that of the McKinney Vento coordinator. This position ensures that students and families in our district that are experiencing homelessness have equal access to a well-rounded education. This is a big responsibility and we have seen a significant increase in those numbers since the pandemic. She works hard to identify students and families that qualify for this support and she goes above and beyond in making sure families and students have the resources they need. Susan identifies potential barriers that might be challenging to our students and works hard to remove those barriers. She is responsible for all district reporting Susan makes sure that our students and families have the support they need so that they can achieve at high levels and be successful in life. She lives out our core beliefs on a daily basis.

Our CLD team was recognized at the Board meeting by Stephanie Hensley and Linda Donaldson. Kim Gonzales and JoAnn Lopez run the elementary EL program and Anna Bishop coordinates the secondary efforts. These three ladies took on the daunting task of getting all our students who are identified as English Learners tested for the school year. The testing started in January and went through February. This took a lot of hard work on their part. The ACCESS test helps to determine English language learners’ level of English language proficiency. This information helps to develop appropriate programs and lessons that will continue to support the students’ language development. Thank you ladies for your dedication and commitment to getting this accomplished and to making sure all of our students have a quality education. You make a great team!

Focus on our Fabulous Students

We had a number of Center scientists receive awards at the San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair. The fair was held on March 4th at Adams State University.

Elijah Swanson- Honorable Mention- Middle School Engineering

Landry Neufeld- 3rd Place- Elementary School Biomedical Sciences

Elliot Cordoza- 3rd Place- Elementary School Biomedical Sciences

Elisa Robero- Novice Newton Award

Valeria Bustamonte- Novice Newton Award

Yarley Padilla- Novice Newton Award

Alyssa Ortega- Novice Newton Award

Our middle school wrestling team qualified six grapplers to state. Congratulations to

Caden Ruggles- 1st place

Michale Archuleta- 2nd place

Gisselle Meraz- 3rd place

Christian Biadachi- 3rd place

Pablito Rodriquez- 1st place

Chayse Bouet- 1st place

Coach Mondragon is doing a fantastic job of building the program. Mariah Villagomez is also a part of the younger program the peewee wrestling team finished in 3rd place and there were seven qualifiers- Isai Villagomez- 1st place, Ryker Bouet- 4th place, Yaritzel Villa- 3rd place, Lupito Villa- 4th place, Yamiliex Gonzalez- 2nd place, Treycin Lujan- 3rd place, Damon Chavez- 1st place, Jonathon Valadez-1st place, Joaquin Gonzalez- 3rd place.

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