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Center of Focus

February 21, 2022

Focus on our Fantastic Staff

Partnering with the community and families is an important part of the work we do at Center schools. As a district, we recognize the importance of strong, positive family and community relationships and the impact they make on all involved. We are fortunate to have Dalia Molina and Brisa Macias as part of that team. These ladies help us with building strong bonds and positive relationships with our families and the community. The focus of their work is on keeping the lines of communication open between families and the district. Educating our youth and preparing them to be successful in today’s society is a shared responsibility. When we work together to help students be successful, it is visible in intentional relationships. The positive impact that these relationships have included higher student achievement, more engaged families, and stronger community support for our school. Dalia and Brisa serve the district and our students in a variety of ways. They help with communication efforts with translations, newsletters, and home visits. They gather and share important information that keeps the district informed, ensures that all voices are heard, and help with making sure decisions are reasonable and equitable. Brisa focuses her efforts on the elementary and Dalia works with our secondary team. We are all working together for what is best for our students. Brisa and Dalia demonstrate top-level engagement work. They provide parent education and support, generate interest and participation in the school by helping to make our school an inviting setting where all families feel welcomed and included. Thank you Brisa and Dalia for providing our students with our families and students with the support they need so that they can achieve at high levels.

Focus on the Fabulous

There are so many fantastic things going on in Viking Country that it’s hard to keep up!

We sent seven wrestlers to compete at state this weekend. We had a Viking sendoff on Wednesday afternoon and the whole school celebrated their successes and wished them the best! This was a great accomplishment for our team and the boys represented us well. Omar Hernandez placed 6th at state. Congratulations are in order for all the boys and coaches.

Ms. Dolan’s high school students are doing some pretty spectacular work in her classroom. Students have designed Rube Goldberg machines that perform simple tasks through a chain reaction. This assignment requires that students understand and incorporate a number of scientific concepts into their projects including understanding and demonstrating Newton’s Laws of Motion and Goldberg’s six simple machines.

Mia (Sonya) Maez did a fantastic job presenting her machine, which ultimately dispensed hand sanitizer. She explained the process in detail and was able to articulate the scientific processes that were at work in her project.

Charles Willis also did an amazing job presenting his machine. He created a virtual machine that took this experience to a whole new level.


Several staff were recognized and highlighted by the building principals at our last BOE meeting. Ashley Lane and Bailey Mondragon were highlighted at the elementary level. Ashley is a fantastic teacher. She utilizes best practices in her classroom on a daily basis. She is a district leader with her engagement strategies. She is a master teacher and students thrive in her classroom. This is evidenced by the levels of student achievement that students in her class attain.

Bailey Mondragon came to us a year ago and has been a great addition to our team. She is a natural teacher and even though she is just starting out in her teaching career you would never know it. She instructs with the same level of experience and knowledge as a veteran teacher. Some people just have it.. and both of these ladies do!

Ms. Donaldson recognized Panta Villagomez. She shared that Panta has helped her out in many situations this past year, both in her role as principal and AD. Panta goes the extra mile. He shows up to work ready to work hard every day. He models our core belief and commitment to excellence in all we do every day!

We had a productive Department Team meeting last week. Each department reported out on the work that is being done in their respective areas.

Forward Focus

Winter sports are winding down and regional basketball playoffs will start this week. The lady Vikings will travel to Monte Vista on Tuesday. The boys will have a home game Monday night @ 6:00 pm against Sargent. When they win this game, they will travel to Crested Butte for a Tuesday night game. Let’s go Vikings!

The Kiwanis Pancake Supper will be Monday night. Come and get some yummy pancakes before the basketball game. NWEA testing will kick off this week. This will begin our first round of end-of-year testing. We are doing the NWEA testing earlier this year so that the data can be used in the evaluation process.

The administration will have a PLC on Thursday.

Here's to a great week!

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