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Focus on our Fabulous New Staff

Linda Donaldson- Skoglund Middle School Principal

Center Consolidated School District is happy to welcome Linda Donaldson to her new role as Skoglund Middle School Principal. Linda is not a new face to the district as she has served Center students for the last 24 years in her role as a middle school math teacher. Linda is one of the reasons that Skoglund has attained the highest performance rating from the state for the last decade. She has been an amazing math teacher and will take her level of commitment and her passion for our students into her new role as a middle school principal. Linda has varied experiences in our district and comes to this position well prepared. Her involvement for the last twenty-plus years includes acting as the Association President for the district, coaching middle school basketball, administrating sporting events, running the clock for high school basketball games, and serving on the Commissioner’s Teachers Advisory Board at the state level. Ms. Donaldson knows our district, our students, our families, our programs, and our systems. She will be an added value to our team!

Krystal Bouet- Haskin Elementary Asst. Principal

We are excited to welcome Krystal Bouet to our team as the Haskin Elementary Assistant Principal. Krystal comes to us from Sangre de Cristo, where she has worked for the last 9 years as an English Language Learner teacher, supporting students whose first language was one other than English. She recently completed her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University. Krystal has been in education since 2007, teaching in the SLV at the elementary level in 1st and 4th grades, and in her most recent position, as the EL teacher at SDC. Krystal is well versed in effective instructional strategies and demonstrates strengths in communication and problem-solving. Please give a hearty Viking Welcome to Krystal!

Fantastic First Week

If our first week is any indication of the type of year we are going to have, we are in for a fantastic school year! It was great to have ALL our students back on campus. Everybody was respectful of the Back to School plans and the first week ran smoothly.

Solid instruction was already taking place in classrooms. Mrs. Deb Morris kept the active kindergartners engaged their first day with some tactile learning activities that involved play-doh!

Mr. Kriss, our middle school science teacher, had students on the edge of their seats with his peanut butter and jelly lesson. His standards-based objective was posted on his board and students were practicing their procedural, written communication skills with a fun activity that is setting the stage for lab work the rest of the year.

#Stay the Course #Viking Strong

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