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Focus on the Fabulous

Center School’s counselors solidify the Center team and ensure that we fulfill our core belief that “With our support, ALL children can achieve at high levels and be successful in life". The theme of this year’s National School Counseling Week is School Counselors: All in for All Students.” We want to recognize the unique contributions that our counselors bring to the district.

Elissa Harrington- Elementary Counselor

Elissa is our fabulous elementary counselor. She works with all the elementary students teaching whole group classes so that kids can develop their social-emotional skills. She also meets with students in small groups or one on one for additional supports that they may need. She brightens up our hallways with her fun personality and high energy. Recently, we received a letter from the Colorado School Counselor Association, recognizing Elissa for her work on the state board. Elissa’s work at the state is being noticed as she advocates for rural schools and shows her passion for her profession. Elissa is a contributing member of our team and is representing our district as an outstanding leader in school counseling.

Ashlee Welsh- Secondary Counselor

Ashlee has been in our district for six years. She is a strong member of our team for a number of reasons. Ashlee’s friendly demeanor and welcoming approach provide our students with a level of comfort that helps them feel valued and supported. Middle school and high school are challenging times for our students and Ashlee has established strong relationships with our students that enable her to give them the support and guidance they need. Ashlee has taken the lead with ICAP at the secondary level. She supports our students in their PWR by developing a variety of activities that include career and academic exploration, social-emotional education, and school climate activities. She is thoughtful in everything she puts together and the kids are engaged and truly enjoy these opportunities.

Katrina Ruggles- Secondary Counselor- Grant Coordinator

Katrina is one of our secondary school counselors and works incredibly hard for the district to ensure that our kids have the same opportunities as other students. She first came to the district in 2000 and has been serving our students for 21 years. All means all for Katrina and she lives that belief out on a daily basis. As the grant coordinator, the amount of resources and supports she has brought to the district is undeniable. Most recently, she has just been awarded two Connecting Colorado grants, worth $300,000. These dollars will be used to provide our kids and community with better internet services. Through her tireless efforts, our district has benefitted from human capital, financial resources, professional development, and supplies. Our district has had the success it has thanks to her efforts. She is a leader in her profession and has been recognized at both the state and national levels because of all of her accomplishments.

Adele Alfson- Secondary Counselor- Guidance Support

Adele has been in our district since 2003. She takes the lead in the district as our guidance counselor, helping students achieve academic success while preparing them for careers. She works closely with our high school students, making sure they have the required credits and are on track to fulfill their high school requirements. She also oversees the concurrent enrollment courses. Adele works closely with ASU and TSJC to get kids enrolled in college-level classes. This option allows students to earn college and high school credit through specific courses. We have a number of students who are taking advantage of this opportunity. On top of her counseling role, Adele has stepped in to support our students by providing a culinary arts class. Anybody who knows Adele knows what an amazing chef she is. Our students are learning the art of cooking from one of the best. This is an example of her going above and beyond to support our district. She gives graciously and often buys supplies for her class out of her own pocket. We appreciate all that Adele brings to our district.

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