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Center of Focus- Take 2

Focus on the Fabulous

CHS students competed in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation competition at Adams State last week.  Center competed against seven other districts around the Valley as they presented their impressive Capstone Projects.  As part of our Post-Secondary and Workforce Readiness efforts, Center is dedicated to inspiring students to develop entrepreneurial skills that foster independence and give students the ability to take the initiative.  Students with these skills become self-starters and can identify opportunities and pursue them with determination.  Our juniors have worked hard on these projects throughout the semester, and that persistence paid off with Center students winning 10 of the 12 awards at the competition.

Here are our amazing winners: 

Angel Baca Ortiz and Jose Valadez- Project:  Center of Attention Podcast- Award- $1000 grant

Maribel Ramos, Dulce Gonzales, and Melany Manriquez- Project:  Sweet Getaways- Support for the Elderly- Award- $250 grant

Diego Gregorio- Project:  Cleaning Center- Award- $1000 grant

Emely Gurrola- Project:  Sweet Creations- Award= $500 grant

The grants can be used to further the work the students started with their Capstone Projects!

Innovation Project Winners:

Nicolas Palma, Matthew Archuleta, and Noah Swanson- Project:  Spirit of Sports- Award:  Spirit of Passion

Mario Macias- Project:  Puzzles and Pizza- Award:  Innovation

Ximena Miranda- Project:  Future of the Miranda Transport- Award:  Breaking Barriers

Rony Lorenzo- Project:  Migrating Towards Opportunities- Award:  Best Visual Presentation

Miranda Valles- Project:  La Platica- Promoting Equity and Diversity- Award:  Best Together

Ahyari Fimbres- Project:  Leadership Seminar- Award: Leadership- Outstanding Initiative

Center Schools- Project:  Small Business Incubator- Award:  Shark Tank Entrepreneurship School Competition- Award:  $300

Thanks to Mrs. Rounds for her hard work in helping to make all of this happen.  She gives her time and resources to help these students succeed, and it shows!  Thank you!  She’s another example of own of our Superstar teachers!  Thanks to all of the help from the community as well.  Mikela Tarlow and Keith Brockhurst have supported our students on their projects and helped make some great community connections.  It takes a village!  Thanks to everyone who pitched in to support our students in the success they achieved!


Mike Martinez has been doing a fantastic job with the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.  This is district areas of focus #3 on our Ownership Plan- MTSS.  This is our tiered framework for supporting students’ behavioral, academic, social, emotional, and mental health.  Mike shared with me last week that this is the most points we’ve awarded with PBIS this year!  Thanks to everybody for pitching in to make this system work as designed.  Mike is keeping the prize case stocked and looking good.  He is also recognizing students’ accomplishments throughout the year! 

Way to go Mike!  You just earned some Viking Bucks! 


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