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March 15, 2024

The last week of the 3rd quarter was fast and fabulous.  On Monday, our junior students presented their progress on their capstone projects at the Capstone Gallery Walk.  Students presented visual representations of their work and explained their projects to visiting peers, community members, and staff. 

It was a great event to highlight students' work and are still planning to do on their respective projects.  This multifaceted project serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for our students.  It engages them in independent research on a meaningful project of their choice.  This project encapsulates the district ownership plan's post-secondary and workforce readiness focus area #2

Our goal is to help students develop the necessary skills to pursue post-secondary options when they graduate and to be productive, contributing members of society.  We added an ICAP class to all secondary students' schedules this year.  Mrs. Rounds is teaching that class at the high school level, and junior students have dedicated time to working on their capstones in this class. 

Thanks to our community helpers who attended the gallery walk!

Haskin Elementary, in partnership with CSU, hosted the first-ever Cafecito con Matematicas. The math festival was a big hit and well attended.

Families were treated to dinner and had the chance to engage with their children in fun math games and activities. All had a great time. Great job putting this great event together, Haskin team, and special recognition to Celina Arguello for organizing and making this event possible!


On Thursday, we heard about the ingenuity of our 1st and 2nd-grade students as they shared their written stories about the leprechaun traps they had constructed. The goal was to trick the small, green legendary creatures into their creative traps. As St. Patrick's Day approaches, Haskin students look to corner the Luck of the Irish! 




The annual regional science fair was held at Adams State on February 29th and March 1st.  We had several students at both the elementary and secondary levels.  Mrs. Archuleta works hard with her students each year so that they can take part in this academic event.  We are proud of our students for their efforts and the recognition they received for their hard work. 


5th grade:  Eccselynce Berry

o   Rio Grande Soil and Water Conservation District Award

o   3rd Place in Elementary Environmental Science


Middle School:  Westlea Tipsword

o   Colorado Rio Grande Headwater Restoration Award

o   Center Soil and Water Conservation District Award

o   Honorable Mention Middle School Botany


Eva Trujillo

o   SLV Middle School Principal Award


The District's CLD A-Team has worked hard on the Multi-Lingual Program Guide and plan.  As part of our language partnership and diagnostic program review, we met with the CDE team on Tuesday to review the work that has been completed and discuss the next steps.  The state team has been highly impressed with the work accomplished and the district's overall programming.  Thanks to Anna Bishop, Alex Magness, Amanda Alanis, and JoAnn Lopez for their hard work and for making us look so good! 


There are some other Fabulous Vikings to celebrate! Alicia Rios will be playing in the All-State basketball game this weekend. We are proud of all she has accomplished as a Viking athlete!

Giselle Molina was recognized as the Camp Student of the Week at Adams State. She is a Center graduate and doing amazing things in college!

Fast Forward


Calendar Dates

Sunday, March 17th- St. Patrick’s Day


Monday, March 18th- Friday, March 22nd- Spring Break


Friday, March 22nd – Saturday, March 23rd- Baseball Tournament @ Las Animas


Monday, March 25th- Beginning of 4th Quarter, MLT


Tuesday, March 26th- SLV WBL Coalition, CHS Baseball @ Sanford

Wednesday, March 27th- Rural Alliance Advocacy Meeting, District Ownership Team Meeting


Thursday, March 28th- Early Release- ICAP/PLC, Spring Picture Day, Calendar Committee and Policy Work


Friday, March 29th- CHS T & F- Wayne Thomas Memorial Invitational @ Sangre


Saturday, March 30th- CHS Baseball vs. South Park


Sunday, March 31st- Easter

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