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Center of Focus

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

September 19, 2023

Focus on the Fabulous

A shared vision and commitment based on the district's core beliefs about teaching and learning facilitate ongoing district improvement. Our district's core beliefs are a catalyst for ongoing student growth and overall district improvement efforts. CCSD Core Belief #2 states- “With our support, ALL students can succeed and achieve at high levels.” Center Schools goes above and beyond providing additional support for EACH student. Those supports look different, depending on needs, and include, but are not limited to, wrap-around services, counseling, health services, nutrition, love, security, safety, consistency, stability, warmth, tutoring, a sense of belonging, a listening ear, provision of needed supplies, and family supports. We do our best to meet the needs of our students.

In that vein, we are thrilled to have Karla Pabinquit-Stockley as part of our district team. Karla is our very own district psychologist and has already been a tremendous asset to our staff and students. She has 30+ years of experience in education. She began her career as a K-12 music teacher, then worked as a special education teacher, and now she is a school psychologist at Center! Hip hip hooray! Her strongest assets are in Behavior/Social-Emotional learning, her love for children and working with them to help them reach their fullest potential, and her ability to use an engaging instructional approach. Karla has been a huge support for our special education team with her wealth of knowledge and her kind, caring approach to handling the different situations that arise.

Alvaro Cardoza is another new staff member providing essential support

for our students. Alvaro’s experience includes time as a store training manager and as a workforce development case manager at social services. His strengths lie in his ability to analyze data and make informed decisions for improvement, his strong belief in his work, and his desire to evolve and change. Mr. Cardoza is excited to be a part of our team and work together positively for our student’s interests and to become fluent in the educational process. Alvaro is leading the tutoring program for the districts. These additional academic supports will help our kids achieve academic success. Mr. Cardoza was already an extended Viking family member, as Anna Bishop is our CHS CLD teacher, and their two daughters, Elliot and Sawyer, are Viking students!

Greg Richardson is fairly new to the world of public education, but he has jumped right in as our Haskin Elementary PE teacher. He does have some experience in the K-12 realm, as he worked as a substitute teacher for one year, as a graduate assistant, and as an MS/HS football coach. He identifies his strengths as attitude, effort, and fitness. That sounds like a great combination of skills to work with our young Vikings on their physical abilities. Greg has a background in health and fitness and a degree in kinesiology. In his free time, he keeps in shape and on his toes in the discipline of Mixed Martial Arts. Apparently, elementary PE isn’t challenging enough!


Last week was busy with a variety of activities. The second State Task Force meeting was held on Tuesday. I am working with a team of 17 members to analyze the current finance formula and make recommendations to the legislature on how to adjust the funding formula to ensure adequacy and equity. Tuesday evening I attended the Saguache County Commissioners meeting to discuss mill levies and the possibility of tax relief for Saguache County residents due to the increase in property values and assessments.

Our CLD team is working together on a diagnostic review of our programming. JoAnn Lopez, Anna Bishop, Amanda Alanis, and Alex Magness are spending time reviewing our current programming and documenting processes so that we can work with the state to ensure the most effective systems are in place. The team has put together overviews of building-level programming, and the identification process, and they are currently working on the re-designation process. This work is part of our EASI grant and our district boulder work.

Wednesday night we had our monthly BOE meeting. We will be having an election in November for three open seats. Kim Duran is running unopposed in District C. There are four candidates running for two at-large seats. Current Board member Lloyd Garcia is running as an incumbent. Richard Barela, Marisa Aguilar, and Pablo (Paul) Lopez are running for the two open at-large seats. Thursday we had a great meeting with the town. We are collaborating with them to get some much-needed improvements to the Center Community Park.

Fast Forward

Upcoming events for the week

We had a great R & R meeting on Tuesday. We are making plans to cheer on the Volleyball team and the football tailgate on October 6th.

R& R team - Front row- Maria Villagomez, Christy Mikeljack, JoAnn Lopez, Sharon Valadez; Back row- Teddy Garcia, Carrie Zimmerman, Linda Donaldson, Nicoled Neufeld, John Noriega, Agnes Salazar

If you'd like to be a part of the R & R team, just reach out to one of the members and let them know!

Calendar Dates

Monday, Sept. 18th – Board Policy work, Secondary Admin. Discipline Meeting, Dinner meeting with ASU President Tandberg

Tuesday, Sept. 19th – Board Policy work, R & R meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 20th - Colorado School Finance Project Conference- Crested Butte

Thursday, Sept. 21st- ICAP, Early Release, PLC, Volleyball @ Salida, CASE Superintendents’ Conference, Crested Butte

Friday, Sept. 22nd- Mentor Meeting with ASU team, V-ball Sanford @ Center, CASE Superintendents’ Conference, Crested Butte

Saturday, Sept. 23rd- Cross Country Pagosa Springs Challenge

Monday, Sept. 25th- Beginning of Student Count Data Collection

Tuesday, Sept. 26th- Meeting with ASU, Siegen Student Teacher, Center Town Board Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 27th- Admin. Team Meeting, Superintendent PLC, District Ownership Team Meeting

Thursday, Sept. 28th- Meeting with CEI- Deep Dive Strategic Plan, V-ball @ Del Norte

Friday, Sept. 29th- State School Finance Task Force Meeting, V-ball vs. Dove Creek,F-ball @ Centauri

Saturday, Sept. 30th- Cross Country @ Salida, V-ball vs. Gunnison

Monday, Oct. 2nd- Saturday, Oct. 7th- Homecoming Week

Monday, Oct. 2nd- Official Student Count Day

Friday, Oct. 6th- End of Student Count Data Collection

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