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Center of Focus

April 17, 2023

Focus on the Fabulous

Congratulations to Stephanie Archuleta. She is Center’s Teacher of the Year! Stephanie is one of our high school science teachers and she has worked in the district for many years. When you walk into Ms. Archuleta's classroom you'll see that it's organized and full of energy. Stephanie does a great job with Center expectations and you can tell she is always well planned for quality instruction. Stephanie leads our secondary science fair efforts and throughout the year she works with students on developing their scientific research skills. She doesn’t just excel with her instruction, she also takes any opportunity to improve her skills and expand her knowledge base. She is participating in the cognitive coaching program through ASU and will be a great addition to the district’s mentoring program. Stephanie has been supporting state efforts in her work on the 5-D assessment research team. This work included partnering with colleagues across the country to review and develop assessments aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards. Many of you are probably not aware of all the work she is doing behind the scenes, as she is not one to toot her own horn. To quote Mrs. Neufeld, “our profession needs more luminaries like Stephanie and that is why she was selected as the Teacher of the Year for our district.” Stephanie is not the only family member who is part of our Viking family. Her daughter, Javielynn, is a mini Viking and attends preschool! You have probably seen her in the hallways with her mom! Our students and our district are fortunate to have both of them in our district and such fabulous members of our team!

PICs (Parents Involved in Center Schools) hosted their annual cultural celebration, Kermes, on Saturday. Kermes is an authentic and traditional fiesta that is similar to a carnival or festival. The event was well attended and included a presentation on the history of this area and our ancestral lines, amazing food, and a variety of performances.

Thanks to the PICS team for putting together such a fun event for our school and the community! Lucia Miranda, Anita Rodriguez, Dalia Molina, and Brisa Macias all played important roles in making the event happen!


We had a great first week of testing. Thanks to everybody for working together to make that happen. We had 100% attendance for our juniors for the SAT! That’s fantastic!!

Tuesday afternoon we held our District Accountability Committee. We had several students speak about things that are going well in the district, and areas that we need to focus on. It’s great to have all the different stakeholders in the room to share out. We want to make sure that student voices are heard. After DAC, we had our regular board meeting. Safety Steve presented to the board on all of our security measures. He also reported out about the positive movement that we’ve seen in our behavior referrals and attendance. Steve introduced our SRO, Eric Martinez to the Board. Eric has jumped right in and is already establishing positive relationships with students.


Fast Forward

Upcoming dates to get on calendars

Monday, April 17th- HS Team PDSA Check in meeting

Tuesday, April 18th- CMAS Testing Skoglund MS- Math, CMAS Haskin- 5th grade science, Reunification Meeting,

ASU Presidential Search Committee- Final Interviews, Health Inspection- Infant Childcare Room, Summer School Meeting

Wednesday, April 19th- CMAS Testing Skoglund MS- ELA, Haskin 5th grade science, ASU Presidential Search Committee- Final Interviews, Weekly Superintendents PLC, District Leadership Team Meeting, SLV BOCES Special Board Meeting

Thursday, April 20th- CMAS Testing Skoglund- 8th grade science, CHS Track- High Altitude Challenge, CSU Pueblo College Visit- 6th and 7th graders

Friday, April 21st- ASU Presidential Search Committee Meeting

Saturday, April 22nd – CHS Baseball @ Monte

Monday, April 24th- 4th grade NWEA EOY testing

Tuesday, April 25th- 2nd- 5th grade NWEA EOY testing, CHS Baseball @ Rocky Ford

Wednesday, April 26th- K-5 NWEA EOY testing

Thursday, April 27th- K- 5 NWEA EOY testing, Haskin Elementary Spring Concert, Payday

Friday, April 28th- CHS Track @ Rocky Ford Invitational

Saturday, April 29th- CHS Baseball @ home vs. Custer County

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