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Focus on the Fabulous

Our first week of remote learning was a success! Our teachers worked hard to provide students with authentic learning experiences that were engaging and relevant to all that is going on in the world today. Students were able to use their personal devices and watch direct instruction in all content areas.

Joe Martinez and Tim Sanchez did a great job providing guided instruction on daily workouts for our students. Kids were able to follow along and complete the workouts. They were then asked to upload videos of themselves completing the training routine the so that instructors could provide feedback and support!

Mr. Schoenfelder's Graphic Design classes are doing artwork related to the current pandemic and his photography class is getting in touch with their creative side with their impressive photos.

Skoglund Middle School teachers put together a thematic unit tying the current Covid panademic into the daily lessons across content areas.

Haskin Elementary students felt the personal connection with their teachers as they went the extra mile to reach out to their students in a number of different ways.

Students in Mr. Stewards class presented research projects using Flipgrid videos.

The teachers and students weren't alone in embracing this new approach to learning. Dr. Hensley, Center's Director of Instruction, did a fantastic job making resources and instructional materials available to our staff in a number of different formats.

Our counselors, MTSS team, nurses, and special education department all put supports in place to connect with students and provide information and resources during this time.

Center students, staff, and community are working side by side to get through this together and make sure that we come out stronger on the other side! #VikingStrong

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