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Center of Focus

Focus on the Fabulous

Center Board of Education

An effective school board plays an integral role in keeping the district focused on the established vision and goals. The Center Board of Education is committed to this vital work and supports our vision of preparing students to enter today’s society with the skills and experience required to be productive and successful. This work played out during the November work session in which the BOE reviewed the policy audit and made required changes to get our BOE policies updated, aligned, and relevant to the work we are doing in the district. At the December BOE meeting, the policies that were reviewed were presented for the first reading. Policies will go through the second reading in January and the final policies should be in place on the website by February. The Board is working hard to ensure our district is doing the necessary, behind the scenes work, to ensure our district’s commitment to excellence.

Quality Learning Experiences

It was exciting to have kids back on campus and in classrooms where they belong. Our amazing staff has not let down in their commitment to delivering kids the quality instruction and experiences they deserve. Regardless of whether we are on-site or on-line, our instructional staff has continued to effectively deliver standards-based instruction. The circumstances are not ideal, but we are making the best of the situation and not lowering our standards. During our remote learning, Ms. Dolan had students complete a project-based learning assignment on Newton’s Laws of motion and energy. Students built model roller coasters and tested their effectiveness, through a performance assessment. Adrian Garcia and Zembria Traversie presented their models to a virtual audience. It was impressive to see the time and energy they committed to this project and their understanding of the concepts was evident through their presentations.

Now that we are back on site, the staff has once again pivoted. Joe Martinez and Tim Sanchez have made adjustments so that kids can continue to participate in physical activity during their classes. They have moved weights, benches, and other equipment into the gym so that kids can still have the opportunity to participate in their PE and BFS classes. Mark Jones’ shop was buzzing with activity, as he had students working on a variety of projects, from dog houses to book storages, to cubbies for our toddler classroom.

Our students are fortunate to have the many educational experiences afforded to them, thanks to the expertise and experience of our staff. From Ms. Alfson, with her culinary arts class, to Mr. Schoenfelder, with his photography and computer tech classes, our kids have a wide range of options.

Mr. Schoenfelder has a new addition to his classroom, a high-tech UV printer, that students can use to make some pretty cool products including face masks with the Center skyline and containers with the Viking logo. Today’s students will become tomorrow’s professionals and our students are becoming familiar with marketable skills for future careers.

Viking Highlights

The accomplishments of Center Viking's can be seen all over the state. Congratulations to Elexus Trujillo and Ever Hernandez on their acceptance to Mesa State University! They are going to be a part of the Mav Family... but they will always be Vikings!

Our very own Bailey Mondragon was featured in the Adams State Teacher Education newsletter for her accomplishments that include a shout out from the Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics and her four-year scholarship from REC. We are so happy to have her as part of our Viking team.

Forward Focus

As part of our recruitment and retention efforts, Center School District will be opening a staff childcare room for toddlers, ages 12- 36 months, in January. Finding quality childcare can be a challenge for families and this issue had been identified as a need for our staff and community. We are happy to provide this option for our hard-working staff. We have hired three new staff to help in our new toddler room, as well as in our other early childhood classes. Please give Lucia Miranda, Josselyn Duran, and Claudia Villa a warm welcome as they join our team. Thanks to Janet Sanchez for her help in the process.

This is our last week of instruction before Christmas vacation. Students' last day of school will be on Dec. 16th. Staff will have a half workday on Thursday and we will hold our Christmas breakfast that morning. The Sunshine Committee will be hosting the annual Secret Santa exchange and the Ugly Sweater competition.

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