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The Center Consolidated School District is excited to announce that Mr. Andy Lavier will join our team for the 2024-2025 school year as the Assistant Director to the Superintendent. Andy brings with him 27 years of experience in education, serving as a high school educator and administrator. He most recently worked at Alamosa High School, where he demonstrated effective leadership for over a decade. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Andy will provide valuable support in the professional organization and administration of the school district. His role will oversee federal programs such as Title IX, athletics, post-secondary and workforce readiness, talent acquisition, security and safety, and capital improvement. Andy will also play a key part in helping the district achieve its goals outlined in the district ownership plan, focusing on Curriculum and Instruction, Post-secondary and Workforce Readiness, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, and Recruitment and Retention. We are thrilled to welcome such a skilled educator to our district, and we are confident that he will positively impact the students and staff in Center, furthering the district's trajectory toward excellence. Let's extend a warm Viking welcome to Mr. Lavier, the newest member of our Center Family!

Another bit of exciting news. I have been working with the town of Center, Brian Lujan, and Keith Brockhurst on the GOCO grant to get additional funding for park improvements. Keith stepped in as the Interim Town Manager and did an excellent job assembling the proposal. This is a community-driven initiative designed to promote community health and wellness. Last Thursday, I sat in at the GOCO Board meeting, during which the grant was formally approved! The grant is awarded to the town, and CCSD is one of the partners. The district's funds will go directly to the track and field improvements! The town funds will be directed to revitalizing playground equipment, landscaping, multi-purpose courts, improved lighting, and picnic areas! This is another win for the Center Community! Go Big Blue!!

Fast Forward

Calendar Dates

Monday, June 24th- Summer School, Budget Review Meeting, CVYC Dance and Swimming

Tuesday, June 25th- Summer School, CVYC Dance and Adventure

Wednesday, June 26th- Summer School, CVYC Art and Swimming, Special BOE Meeting- Budget Approval,

Thursday, June 27th- Summer School, CVYC Adventure to Zapata Falls


Friday, June 28th- CVYC Trip to trampoline park

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